CRYINGWe have all experienced a crying baby before? If you haven’t, then you’ve been living in the dark ages. This is not your fault either. Babies cry. They cry for different reasons. There is no way to prevent this. There is, however, a way to calm your baby down.


Buy yourself a baby sling or one of those carriers. They do help. Most kids like the soothing sounds of their mother’s voice. Who can blame them? There is no greater love then the love of a mother. Here’s a hint, you don’t want the plastic ones. These carriers are perfect for busy moms on the go. You have to take care of your child, but you also have a life too. This will offer you the best of both worlds.


Some of you might have already heard of this book. Many of you might already own it. Either way, it’s a good book to invest in. Dr. Sears covers everything in this book , and I do mean everything.

Are you facing things like colic? Are you facing sleepless nights? Tell me one mother who isn’t facing those! This book is going to help you out so much. I know someone who bought this book. She swears by it. Every time she faces an issue she looks it up. We are not saying this book is as good as the Bible, or should be equated with it. All we are saying is this book should be considered. It will make your life a whole lot easier.


For any mother, especially new ones, these are must-haves. Just switch them on and you can carry on with your day. Any sound or movement will be detected with these monitors. Don’t get cheap with this tool either. Invest in one of the better quality ones. The better the quality, the more you will get out of it. These things will let you know when something is wrong. Each package offers two, or at least they should have two. Have on in the baby’s room and one in another room. Just make sure the monitor is in the room you are currently in. This is a common mistake many mothers make, especially the new ones.


Sometimes there is nothing better then noise in the background. Many babies fall asleep to even the simplest of noises. It also helps them stop crying.

Just investing in one of these solutions will help calm your baby down. What are you waiting for? The quicker you invest in one of the solutions, the sooner your baby will stop crying.

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Breastfeeding for Beginners

Breast feeding is the best method to feed a baby. This is because human milk as opposed to cow milk or soya beans, is made specifically for this purpose. Unfortunately, hospitals seem to be encouraging the culture of bottle-feeding. Contrary to what most people tend to believe, breastfeeding need not be a tiring or a hard experience. In fact when started properly, it can be a stress free and easy process for both the mother and the baby.

Starting well is everything in breastfeeding

The first and definitely most important step is latching. While poor latching can end up causing pain to the mother’s nipples, proper latching will ensure that the baby gets the milk properly and will prevent pain caused to the mother. The key is starting the process right after birth. This will give the mother and the baby a chance to learn each other. Reasons given by hospitals for not starting the process sooner do not hold any water as even a minutes old baby is quite capable of learning how to breastfeed. The excuse that the mother needs rest right after labor is also flimsy.

There is no enough reason for separation

There is absolutely no reason for separating the mother and the baby. Research has shown that the mother is equally capable of producing enough warmth for the baby. Even babies who have passed through meconium are fine and do not need to be incubated. As there is no medical reason for separating the two, it is clear that this is only a channel that the hospital uses to exert their authority and to show who is boss.

Breastfeeding relies on natural instincts

When the baby is ready to breastfeed, the mother also naturally awakens. This is because they eventually learn to sleep in the same rhythm. On the other hand however, separation means that their sleeping patterns are totally different and when the baby is ready to feed, the mother is most probably in deep sleep. Waking her up at this time will obviously be more stressful as opposed to when she is in light sleep.

Based on the evidence above, it is safe to say that breastfeeding is most crucial to the development of the baby and cannot afford to be replaced by other superficial methods like bottle-feeding. It is also imperative that the baby stays with the mother after birth as it has shown to be more advantageous to the breastfeeding process.

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Top 6 Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

Unhappy Baby and MotherThe sound of a baby crying is abrasive, but all parents learn to live with it. Babies cry for a variety of reasons. They could need a diaper change, something to eat, a nap, or some affection. A tummy ache or colic may also be the culprit.

A sling or baby carrier could be a convenient option for the mom who wants to be close to her baby while giving her arms a rest. Baby carriers now come in a wide variety of choices. Remember, babies recognize the voices and faces of their parents, so speaking or singing to your baby in a soothing tone combined with being close to you may be just what your baby needs to calm down.

For those who need help with extra sensitive babies, the “Fussy Baby Book” is just what the pediatrician ordered. Written by Dr. William Sears, it is known for being one of the must-have books for parents of babies up to 5 year olds.

Babies can be very demanding of your time when they are awake – especially high needs babies. Allow yourself to take a breather when it is finally time to take a nap by investing in a baby monitor. With a nursery monitor, you can rest assured that your child is safe, and listen for any cries without having to be in the same room with him or her.

A baby bjorn is a unique baby carrier that features an upright sitting position for your baby. They are adjustable to size, and are designed to offer proper support for the babies head and body. The baby bjorn can be worn on the back or the front, depending on preference, but they still provide that necessary closeness that rugrats crave.

Mylicon drops can be bought over the counter and are used to treat gas in babies. If you have tried changing her and feeding her and nothing else seems to be wrong, it can’t hurt to give her a little bit of this medication to ease the bloating and discomfort on her little tummy.

A white noise machine, believe it or not, can be just as effective on babies as it is on grown-ups. You should try a few different settings to see what works for your young one. Sometimes, cradling your baby initially while you are trying some of the different sounds is ideal for them to drift off to sleep.

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Buying a First Car Seat for Your Newborn Baby

Car Seat for Your Newborn BabyIf you are like most parents, the safety of your child is one of the most important things in your life. Perhaps one of the best decisions you will ever make will deal with the car seat in which your child rides. One thing is for certain, the car seat will be used more often than almost any other item you purchase. Research is key to finding the perfect car seat for your family’s needs.

Infant Only or Convertible?

There are seats that are designed to be used only for the infant stage. These seats have a removable base that stays in the car while you can remove the actual seat with the baby in it. These seats are wonderful for when your baby falls asleep and you wish for them to stay that way. These seats normally have a lower weight limits than traditional convertible seats and they will only rear face. Another option is a convertible seat from the very beginning. These seats can be used for much longer because they have higher weight limits and can face rear and frontwards. One problem is if you have a smaller newborn, the baby may not fit this seat immediately.

How Long to Rear Face?

Research has shown that facing the rear of a car is best for a baby, now the recommendations have changed to say rear face as long as possible for safety reasons. As a result of these recommendations new car seats have increased the weight limits that can stay rear facing. There are some seats that will rear face until 45 pounds. There are many four year old children that do not weigh that. In some foreign country’s, the child will rear face until they no longer need to be in a car seat.

What About the Older Child?

Once your child outgrows the car seat it is important to make sure that they fit in the adult seat correctly. If they do not, then a booster seat will need to be used. These also come in a wide variety of styles. These seats will need to be used until the seat belt fits your child correctly, otherwise your child is at an increased risk of injury in an accident.

The car seat that you choose may one day save the life of your child. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, there will be a seat that you can find to fit. If the seat will not install correctly, then find another seat. An improperly installed seat will not protect your child.

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Workout for a Healthy, Strong Baby


There are several exercises that you can do with your baby to help them to get stronger.

Tummy Time


The first exercise is tummy time. This is because most of the time, the baby is going to be spending their time on their belly. Therefore, when you put the baby on its stomach, it is going to help them to build some of the muscles in their arms, shoulders, stomach, neck, and back. You can start this tummy time as soon as the baby comes home from the hospital as long as it is supervised. You can start off with three to five minutes at a time. Basically all that you have to do is lay the child down on their blanket on the floor. You can get down on your stomach so that they can see you while they are down there. Some of the things that you can do with your baby when they are having tummy time is smile, talk, make funny faces, sing, put toys in their gasp, and jiggle a set of keys. All of these things will help to engage the baby so that they will look around, crawl, and roll over.

Sit Ups


The second exercise is letting the baby do sit ups. Basically you will be putting the baby it is sitting position. This exercise is also going to help strengthen some of the muscles in the baby’s core, arms, shoulders, and back. The baby will be able to flex their abdominal muscles so that they will be able to build up their balance. When the baby is lying on their back, then you can grasp their forearms so that you can pull them towards you. These exercises can start after the baby is about six weeks old because they will be old enough to pull up on their forearms.


BicyclingThe third exercise that is going to help your baby to get stronger is bicycling. It is a great way to help relieve the gas that a baby has because it can push the air out of the baby’s system. But it can also help to work out the baby’s abs, legs, knees, and hips. It can increase the baby’s flexibility and their range of motion. The best way to do this is to put the baby on its back and help them to move their legs around like they are pedaling a bicycle. While you are doing the motions, then you can smile and sing so that they will understand that is fun to do these exercises. Move the legs around about five time, take a small break, and repeat the actions until the baby does not seem interested in it.

Weight Lifting


The last one of the exercises that can make the baby stronger is weight lifting. By allowing the baby to pick up objects to help build the baby’s ability to grasp things, improve the hand-eye coordination, and develop some of the muscles in the hands, arms, and shoulders. Most of the time, you can start these exercises when the baby is about 3 or 4 months using small toys and rattles as weights. You can sit the baby in the high chair with all of these toys in front of them. Encourage the baby to lift up one of the toys, check it out, put it down, and lift it up again. Once you have showed the baby how it works, they should be able to pick it up very quickly. This is going to work even better if the weights make sounds or even light up.

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Maternity Leave & Your Rights

LeaveIt can be extremely difficult to figure out how to handle maternity leave, especially if the laws are not clearly defined. An employer can easily make things quite difficult, so even if you are not currently pregnant or even thinking about getting pregnant in the future, it is extremely wise to study up on the process. There are certain laws and regulations that must be followed, although the exact specifications may be different from employer to employer. 

Defining Maternity Leave

Maternity leave covers two separate times during early motherhood. The first section of time involves a period of roughly two months, both before and after the actual birth. The section portion of maternity leave covers a period of time that is allowed for a person to take care of their baby after recuperating. The actual terms are going to vary slightly, but you can generally expect about twelve weeks after giving birth.

Covered by Maternity Leave

In order to be covered for maternity leave legally, an individual must meet a few requirements. For example, a woman can’t simply get hired and immediately go on maternity leave. She must have been working for the company for at least twelve months, as well as have worked 1,250 hours. The company she is employed by must also have at least fifty workers within a seventy-five mile radius. 

Obligations of an Employer

The FMLA requires that an employer do a handful of things when a mother takes time off for maternity. The first requirement is that the employer allows twelve weeks off for the new mother to care for her new baby. She must also be entitled to return back to work at the same level of employment that she had before going on maternity leave. She must also be afforded the same level of health insurance while she is away on maternity leave.

Additional Laws

There are certain circumstances where a woman may not be fully covered by such maternity laws, which can make things very stressful. These types of situations can arise if an expecting mother is working for a company that has fewer than a certain amount of employees, as well as a handful of other situations. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 is a great resource for families to look up if you do not have many options for maternity leave with your employer. 

Disability Insurance

Pregnancy is one of those times when income is absolutely critical, although there is no question that some women are going to be cut off from their wage at work. If this is the case, you may want to look into disability insurance, which can be accessed in a handful of states. While there are only five states that provide this type of disability insurance to those women who need the money during maternity leave, these programs have helped out quite a few families. It pays great dividends to seek out these types of disability programs if you think you may have financial issues during pregnancy and maternity leave.

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Tips for Preparing and Storing Baby Formula

Chances of a baby being exposed to bacteria and falling sick are usually high in case the baby formula is not given the special care that it deserve. This means you have to make sure your baby care is correctly prepared and stored in a secure place. Below points explains how to prepare and store a baby formula.

Cleaning of Your Hands and Equipment

  • 1. Using warm water and soap, make sure you have properly cleaned your hands, then dry them using a clean cloth.
  • 2. Use a disinfector to disinfect the surface that you intends to use to prepare the baby formula, then use clean water to clean it.
  • 3. Using hot, soapy water, thoroughly clean the items used for feeding and preparation. Remember to clean both inside and outside of the items
  • 4. Make sure you have clean bottle brushes which you will use to clean the bottle nipples
  • 5. Use safe water to rinse the equipment.

After you have cleaned the equipment you need to sterilize the equipment and you follow the following steps

  • 1. Get a pot of water and put the clean equipment in the pot, remember to ensure the equipment is fully covered
  • 2. Boil the water for one minute
  • 3. Mix the hot water with a standard powdered formula, the powdered formula is used to kill bacteria

How to Prepare Powdered Formula

  • 1. The first step is to wipe the container
  • 2. Go through the instruction on the package, then from there you can decide the amount of formula you need to make
  • 3. Choose a bottle that is BPA-free, and according to the amount of formula you want to make, fill it with sterilized water.
  • 4. Every formula comes with a scoop, clean and dry the scoop.Put the formula in the scoop until it is full, then pour the formula in the scoop on top of the water
  • 5. Close the bottle using the cap and the nipple then shake the bottle well.

In case you want to prepare the Liquid Concentrate formula, you should follow the following steps:

  • 1) First, make sure you have wiped off the container
  • 2) Before opening the bottle shake thoroughly
  • 3) Measure the right amount of the formula and sterilized water and fill it in the bottle.
  • 4) Using the cap and the nipple close the bottle and shake well

How to Prepare a Ready-to-use formula

  • 1) The first step is to wipe off the container
  • 2) Thoroughly shake the container then open it
  • 3) Measure the formula, enough for one feeding, then pour it in a clean water.
  • 4) Close the bottle using the cap and the nipple and shake thoroughly

How to Store Baby Formula

Although making formula for each feeding is the more recommendable, at times you may find you have no choice but to prepare the formula in advance. If that is the case, you should make sure the formula is made in a sterilized and clean container. The formula prepared from powder when stored in a refrigerator, they should last for 24hrs. The ready-to-use formula lasts longer since it lasts for 48 hours in the refrigerator. To ensure the quality of the formula is high, always label it with time.

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Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer – Must Have Products for All Parents!

Baby holding a baby bottle with breast milk

With the busy life most parents have, it can be difficult to reliably and safely sterilize your baby’s bottle before each meal. For any parent of a newborn, top priority is your child’s safety. That’s why it’s a no-brainer for most parents to get stocked up on bottle sterilizers and warmers. Having more than one is a good idea for the convenience of easy backup options in case the sterilizer isn’t ready.

The thing is, not all bottle sterilizers are created equal; some are better than others, so to help kick-start your trial-and-error of finding out which products out there are best for your baby, here are a few options other than boiling water on your stove.

Now discontinued by the manufacturer, the Philips AVENT iQ24 Steam Sterilizer is a reliable pick. It delivers as promised consistently, and receives high points for that, but has difficult maintenance, which can be annoying. So that’s why it’s vital to read the instructions carefully with this model, because, for instance, it requires distilled water every time, which doesn’t exactly come out of the tap.

With a warming time of 10-12 minutes, another reliable, economical choice is the Maxx Elite, which comes in the classic “Magical Orange” color. The large, easy-to-read digital display on this model shows the temperature of the water being used to heat up your bottle, but it’s somewhat of a mystery how long this model’s engineers recommend letting the machine cool down in-between uses.

Another great option is the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer. A favorite for heating up refrigerated milk on the go, this model requires a good measure of care and caution while using but is still a swift, lovely way to warm up your baby’s lunch while out and about.

For bulk bottle sanitation, not much out there beats the Kiddiluv Microwave Steam Sterilizer, which works on up to six bottles at a time in 5-7 minutes. Designed for wide-neck bottles, the Kiddiluv can fit a tiny microwave, and works with the main brands of bottle manufacturer.

One very popular choice is the Tommee Tippee Microwave Steam Sanitizer, which steams everything to perfection. Your bottle will come out of the microwave moist, sterile, and ready to use after a brief cool-down.

Without a doubt, it’s vital to keep your newborn’s health in mind when thinking about feeding routines. Maybe there’s something to
be said about letting your newborn develop immunities the hard way, and of course, every baby gets a cold from time to time, but why
not do everything you can to keep your child healthy and feeling great by giving them a consistent, clean meal.

More tips:

Safe Formula Feeding for Your Baby

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Baby Nursery Storage Baskets & Baby Toy Storage

At some point in our lives, every woman finds herself in search of a stylish, unique, and affordable storage solution to clean up that messy house, dorm room, or office. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and all of those unmarked items on your to-do list, what’s a girl to do? Lucky you! You’ve come to the right place! Below is a step-by-step review of five storage solutions sold on Amazon.com.

The OrganizerLogic Jute Storage Bin is made of durable natural Jute. It is wire framed for stability and also easily collapsible for storage when it is not in use. The bin is also waterproof on the inside, making it possible to store spillable items without fear. The bin is also labeled “STORAGE.” It features two handles and the seller offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Dll Woven Paper Textured Storage Basket is made of a woven paper base with a cotton rope handle on each side. It can hold up to 30 lbs, giving it the ability to store even heavy objects. It folds down for easy storage when it is not in use. The Dll Woven Paper Textured Storage Basket comes in a variety of colors, two different shapes (square or round), and five different sizes (small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large). There is enough variety and style to have functionality in any situation.

The Safari foldables two handle foldable fabric storage cube closet organizers by Amaze Creations feature PVC label holders. They are lightweight, durable, and have a handle on each side. This storage cube bundle comes in a pack of six, and the seller offers a 100% money back guarantee.

The Large Jute Storage Bin by OrganizerLogic is made of durable jute and wire framed. It features a handle on each side and is labeled “TOYS.” The seller offers a 100% money back guarantee.

The Whitmor Rattique Storage Baskets by Whitmor feature a simple yet stylish design with built-in chrome handles for easy transport. They have a Rattan look with the durability of Resin and wipe clean easily. A variety of color options are available and the set includes three baskets (small, medium, large).

All in all, each of these storage solutions have their perks. However, the Dll Woven Paper Textured Storage Basket is the winner. It may not have the money back guarante, but with such a great product, you need not worry! The variety of bright and vibrant color options make it easy to mix and match to fit the style of any room. The five size options make it practical and functional enough to work for any space, whether you want to display your belongings, or hide them discreetly in a nook or under a bed. The fact that it can hold up to 30 lbs makes it that much more versatile. This storage solution would work on a shelf, in a closet, under a bed, in a dorm, and more. Honestly, the possibilities are endless for this cute and affordable storage option!

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Building a Secure Attachment Bond With Your Baby

Mother Father And Baby Feet Under BlanketIt takes over a few mere minutes for a bond to be created but once it’s there, it can be the strongest connecting invisible force between two people. Although people usually think that a bond is created instantly, it actually takes a while for one to happen. Some people are fortunate enough to have the gift to create bonds with people faster but that’s a few cases.

Creating a bond with a baby requires following a few steps right when the birth of your child happens for the next following years. The bond will be created within a few days, but it’s strength will only be enhanced through the constant loving and tender care that you will be offering the baby.

To build a strong bond with your baby, work on doing the following steps in the presence of him/her for as long as you can every single day, until they are completely aware of your role to them.

Eye Contact

Newborns are not gifted with long range sight which makes it hard for them to see past a few feet away. When a set of eyes comes into their sight, they lock on it and stare for as long as they can with bewilderment. Instead of using speech which they are incapable of at their age, they use their eyes to express their feelings to the person they are bonding with. You can make facial expressions as well to express your feelings to your baby.


Our body is always radiating with energy that is not visible to the eye, but just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there. By simply touching your baby, you will radiate heat which will be felt by your baby who will use it to feel warmer. Infant massage classes is a great way to learn to bond with your child through a series of exercises. The best way to get warm for your baby is through skin to skin contact, the more they get held by you, the longer they will feel cozy and in a calm state of mind.


Your voice to your child is worth more than all the toys he can play with. Even if you are ashamed of your voice and would never sing in public, to your baby that voice will be the only reason they feel calm and know that someone out there is 100% committed to loving and caring for them.

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Wait! Don’t Wash That Newborn! Why You Should Delay Baby’s First Bath


There is a common belief among hospital attendants that a baby should be bathed immediately he is born. The belief is not based on any medical proof and therefore not a must that the newborn be bathed immediately.

As a parent to a newborn, it is necessary for you to decide on when the baby should take his first bath. There are a number of benefits that are associated with delayed bathing of the new born. Below are some of the reasons as to why first bath for newborn kids should be delayed.

1. To prevent destruction of immunity

Babies are usually born with a natural skin protectant referred called vernix. This substance appears on the skin of a new born baby as a white covering. The substance is very important as it provides immunity to babies against diseases as their own immune system gets stronger, especially in the case of babies born in hospital.

2. Helps regulate the baby’s temperature

A baby tries to cope with the new environmental temperature and therefore needs to be closer to his mother as much as possible. Baby should therefore be allowed to be cuddled close to the chest of his mother since the chest is capable of heating up or cooling down. Through this, the baby’s temperature is regulated.

3. It will allow you to have a bath with the baby

Delaying first bath will give you time to gain strength to have a bath with your baby in a tub. This will make the baby feel comfortable and secure when you hold him in your hands.

4. It helps keep stress hormones low and normalize blood sugar level

When you allow your baby to be bathed immediately by medical staffs, the baby might cry a lot. This makes his cells to produce a lot of stress hormones. This leads to increased heartbeat, high blood pressure as well as lowering the baby’s blood sugar level.

5. Allows your baby to get more time with you

A baby likes to be close to her mom and more specifically to the breasts which are sources of food. Delayed bath will therefore ensure that your baby gets enough time to be with you, be suckled immediately to enhance a smooth transition to the new world as well making him feel secure and loved.

6. Use of gloves in hospitals in mandatory

Medical staffs are supposed to handle any new born baby while having gloves on. Therefore, even if you delay your baby’s bath, there will be no risk of being infected.

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