Baby Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer – Must Have Products for All Parents!

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With the busy life most parents have, it can be difficult to reliably and safely sterilize your baby’s bottle before each meal. For any parent of a newborn, top priority is your child’s safety. That’s why it’s a no-brainer for most parents to get stocked up on bottle sterilizers and warmers. Having more than one is a good idea for the convenience of easy backup options in case the sterilizer isn’t ready.

The thing is, not all bottle sterilizers are created equal; some are better than others, so to help kick-start your trial-and-error of finding out which products out there are best for your baby, here are a few options other than boiling water on your stove.

Now discontinued by the manufacturer, the Philips AVENT iQ24 Steam Sterilizer is a reliable pick. It delivers as promised consistently, and receives high points for that, but has difficult maintenance, which can be annoying. So that’s why it’s vital to read the instructions carefully with this model, because, for instance, it requires distilled water every time, which doesn’t exactly come out of the tap.

With a warming time of 10-12 minutes, another reliable, economical choice is the Maxx Elite, which comes in the classic “Magical Orange” color. The large, easy-to-read digital display on this model shows the temperature of the water being used to heat up your bottle, but it’s somewhat of a mystery how long this model’s engineers recommend letting the machine cool down in-between uses.

Another great option is the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer. A favorite for heating up refrigerated milk on the go, this model requires a good measure of care and caution while using but is still a swift, lovely way to warm up your baby’s lunch while out and about.

For bulk bottle sanitation, not much out there beats the Kiddiluv Microwave Steam Sterilizer, which works on up to six bottles at a time in 5-7 minutes. Designed for wide-neck bottles, the Kiddiluv can fit a tiny microwave, and works with the main brands of bottle manufacturer.

One very popular choice is the Tommee Tippee Microwave Steam Sanitizer, which steams everything to perfection. Your bottle will come out of the microwave moist, sterile, and ready to use after a brief cool-down.

Without a doubt, it’s vital to keep your newborn’s health in mind when thinking about feeding routines. Maybe there’s something to
be said about letting your newborn develop immunities the hard way, and of course, every baby gets a cold from time to time, but why
not do everything you can to keep your child healthy and feeling great by giving them a consistent, clean meal.

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