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Top Three Baby Play Gyms and Play Mats

When it comes to choosing playmats, parents have the option to choose between two types, fabric and foam. Fabric playmats tend to be non toxic, offer less cushion, are odorless, and have the ability to bunch up whenever infants crawl on it. Foam playmats can be toxic and give infants much better cushion. The downside […]

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Choosing the Best Infant Life Jackets for Kids

A trip to the pool, a ride on a boat, or even a simple walk down the beach all carry a risk of drowning for even a seasoned adult swimmer, so when the kids come along you need more peace of mind than is provided simply by a keen eye. When packing for an aquatic […]

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Choosing a Best Baby Walker – Must Have Safety Features

With so many baby walkers out there, only some of them make the grade. And who wants to trust anything, but the best for your baby? Especially with products being recalled because of children being injured, or even killed in some cases, it’s always best to search more in depth for high safety, and great […]

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