Keeping The Baby’s Teeth Clean And Health

Baby's TeethCaring For the First Baby’s Teeth

The first baby’s teeth grows at the age of around six months. It is essential for you to clean your baby’s first teeth after every meal. You can use a piece of damp cloth, gauze or more preferably baby toothbrush to clean them up. You should also use fluoridated dab toothpaste in small amounts up to that time the baby is able to spit. Use of a floss to prevent cavities is also a good step to take, when two teeth that can touch have grown in the baby.

Baby’s Bottle as a Cause of Tooth Decay

One of the major causes of tooth decay is the putting of the baby in bed with a bottle that contains juice or milk. The liquids in the bottle can get into the gums of the baby and this will result into tooth decay. It is advisable for parents to give a bottle that contains plain water and that should take place if they have to give the baby a bottle, otherwise it is not necessary.

Decoration of the Teeth

Baby’s teeth should be off-white or ivory in color. Decoration of the teeth may be caused by inadequate brushing that can lead to formation of bacteria in the teeth, gum or tooth injury in the teeth of the baby or even some kind of medication that causes stains to remain in the teeth.

Tips on how to prevent the baby’s teeth from decaying

  • Teaching the baby on how to use a cup. When the baby becomes of age to use the cup, the parent should encourage use of a cup since cups don’t cause liquids to collect around the teeth.
  • Avoid giving sugary drinks or you can limit them to fewer amounts in meal times only.
  • Use a pacifier as a substitute to a slippy cup in giving comfort to the baby at meal time or in the nights.

A Visit to the Dentist

Baby's TeethMake the first trip to the dentist become a wonderful and encouraging experience. It is important as a parent to bring all medical records of your baby behalf the dentist. As means of ensuring that the first visit to the dentist becomes a positive experience to your baby, the staff of the dentist can reschedule several visits so as to counter any fear that may be observed with the baby. When visiting the dentist, it is not advisable for the parent to bribe the child with phrases such as “be brave”, as this will frighten the baby the more.

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