Baby Bouncer Chair Information – How to Keep Your Baby Safe

Being a parent is lot of work especially when the baby first arrives. Excitement for the newborn babies slowly turns into sleepless night. This causes the parent to be tired especially during the early days. So, if the baby is left unattended or the parent falls asleep, baby can roll on their sides and fall down. According to a statistic from Alberta Canada more than 5000 children under 5 years old are injured from falls. This can be easily avoided if the parent is willing to invest in some baby furniture. And when about speaking about baby furniture the first thing that pops into the mind is Baby Bouncers!

Baby BouncerBaby bouncers are made of lightweight frame of metal wire, heavy-gauge plastic or tubular metal is covered with soft and washable material which is also detachable. It usually bounces as the baby moves and has an overhead bar covered with padding. The bouncers vibrates or moves matching the movement of the children. This product will not only keep your toddlers safe, you toddlers might love using this product and often the vibration will help your children fall to sleep. Price ranges from $29 for the simple model to above $150 for the more fancy ones.

When buying a baby bouncer it’s very important to try it out first. Not all babies are same. Some babies may like baby bouncers that vibrate while others might hate it. Trying it out at the stores or borrowing one from friends before buying will give the parent a better idea of what their toddlers like. Baby bouncers can be battery powered or can be powered through a power cord. The battery models will consume a lot of batteries so be sure to use rechargeable batteries to save cost. Getting one with five point harness instead of the three point one will give better safety to the children.

Baby Bouncer ChairThere is news that bouncers have been recalled due to safely issues as toy bars detached and injured the kids. So before buying it would be a good idea to check whether the particular model being considered has been recalled, or by looking up the certification seal from the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association.

This product is going to be your child’s favorite toy for a while but parents have to make sure their toddlers don’t spend too much time on the bouncers. Babies need to spend time rolling on their tummies as this helps strengthen the muscles needed for crawling and standing.

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