Breastfeeding for Beginners

Breast feeding is the best method to feed a baby. This is because human milk as opposed to cow milk or soya beans, is made specifically for this purpose. Unfortunately, hospitals seem to be encouraging the culture of bottle-feeding. Contrary to what most people tend to believe, breastfeeding need not be a tiring or a hard experience. In fact when started properly, it can be a stress free and easy process for both the mother and the baby.

Starting well is everything in breastfeeding

The first and definitely most important step is latching. While poor latching can end up causing pain to the mother’s nipples, proper latching will ensure that the baby gets the milk properly and will prevent pain caused to the mother. The key is starting the process right after birth. This will give the mother and the baby a chance to learn each other. Reasons given by hospitals for not starting the process sooner do not hold any water as even a minutes old baby is quite capable of learning how to breastfeed. The excuse that the mother needs rest right after labor is also flimsy.

There is no enough reason for separation

There is absolutely no reason for separating the mother and the baby. Research has shown that the mother is equally capable of producing enough warmth for the baby. Even babies who have passed through meconium are fine and do not need to be incubated. As there is no medical reason for separating the two, it is clear that this is only a channel that the hospital uses to exert their authority and to show who is boss.

Breastfeeding relies on natural instincts

When the baby is ready to breastfeed, the mother also naturally awakens. This is because they eventually learn to sleep in the same rhythm. On the other hand however, separation means that their sleeping patterns are totally different and when the baby is ready to feed, the mother is most probably in deep sleep. Waking her up at this time will obviously be more stressful as opposed to when she is in light sleep.

Based on the evidence above, it is safe to say that breastfeeding is most crucial to the development of the baby and cannot afford to be replaced by other superficial methods like bottle-feeding. It is also imperative that the baby stays with the mother after birth as it has shown to be more advantageous to the breastfeeding process.

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