Building a Secure Attachment Bond With Your Baby

Mother Father And Baby Feet Under BlanketIt takes over a few mere minutes for a bond to be created but once it’s there, it can be the strongest connecting invisible force between two people. Although people usually think that a bond is created instantly, it actually takes a while for one to happen. Some people are fortunate enough to have the gift to create bonds with people faster but that’s a few cases.

Creating a bond with a baby requires following a few steps right when the birth of your child happens for the next following years. The bond will be created within a few days, but it’s strength will only be enhanced through the constant loving and tender care that you will be offering the baby.

To build a strong bond with your baby, work on doing the following steps in the presence of him/her for as long as you can every single day, until they are completely aware of your role to them.

Eye Contact

Newborns are not gifted with long range sight which makes it hard for them to see past a few feet away. When a set of eyes comes into their sight, they lock on it and stare for as long as they can with bewilderment. Instead of using speech which they are incapable of at their age, they use their eyes to express their feelings to the person they are bonding with. You can make facial expressions as well to express your feelings to your baby.


Our body is always radiating with energy that is not visible to the eye, but just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there. By simply touching your baby, you will radiate heat which will be felt by your baby who will use it to feel warmer. Infant massage classes is a great way to learn to bond with your child through a series of exercises. The best way to get warm for your baby is through skin to skin contact, the more they get held by you, the longer they will feel cozy and in a calm state of mind.


Your voice to your child is worth more than all the toys he can play with. Even if you are ashamed of your voice and would never sing in public, to your baby that voice will be the only reason they feel calm and know that someone out there is 100% committed to loving and caring for them.

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