Top Three Baby Play Gyms and Play Mats

When it comes to choosing playmats, parents have the option to choose between two types, fabric and foam. Fabric playmats tend to be non toxic, offer less cushion, are odorless, and have the ability to bunch up whenever infants crawl on it. Foam playmats can be toxic and give infants much better cushion. The downside to foam playmats is that they are petroleum products that contain a variety of different unhealthy chemicals.

Skip Hop PlayspotThe Skip Hop Playspot is a foam playmate that is fairly popular amongst parents due to it’s good cushion and easy to clean feature. Unlike a lot of other foam tiles, Skip Hop was tested and designed for children of all ages. Unfortunately this baby mat comes with a lot of pieces and has an odor of petrochemical foam. The one piece foam mat made by MyLine Playmat is a one piece, easy to clean mat that offers no gap in between and comes with tons of cushion. Many parents find it much more convenient to use and set up for their baby when compared to other mats. The only downside to this type of playmat is that it also has an odor of petrochemical foam, and the material used is not known like EVA foam.

Tiny Love Super MatThe Tiny Love Super Mat is a great fabric playmat that has no Phthalates, or Formamide. It’s easy to clean and can be carried from one location to another. Compared to foam mats, parents don’t have to worry about the unwanted chemicals and the unsafe smells. And even though this fabric mat doesn’t come with much cushion it’s much safer for baby.

play mat for baby The natural Yoga Mat is another great play mat for baby and doesn’t contain unhealthy materials. It can be wiped clean and doesn’t pose health risks for your baby. It’s much more narrow, which means parents will need more than one mat to create a bigger play area. But when it comes to safety, the Yoga Mat gives parents one less thing to worry about.

It’s important to understand that there are many playmats that can be purchased for your baby. But it should be kept in mind that not all playmats are healthy for your child. Try choosing a more natural approach when it comes to giving your baby a space to play. Focus less on the style of the playmat and more on the composition and materials used to design the playmat.

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