Wait! Don’t Wash That Newborn! Why You Should Delay Baby’s First Bath


There is a common belief among hospital attendants that a baby should be bathed immediately he is born. The belief is not based on any medical proof and therefore not a must that the newborn be bathed immediately.

As a parent to a newborn, it is necessary for you to decide on when the baby should take his first bath. There are a number of benefits that are associated with delayed bathing of the new born. Below are some of the reasons as to why first bath for newborn kids should be delayed.

1. To prevent destruction of immunity

Babies are usually born with a natural skin protectant referred called vernix. This substance appears on the skin of a new born baby as a white covering. The substance is very important as it provides immunity to babies against diseases as their own immune system gets stronger, especially in the case of babies born in hospital.

2. Helps regulate the baby’s temperature

A baby tries to cope with the new environmental temperature and therefore needs to be closer to his mother as much as possible. Baby should therefore be allowed to be cuddled close to the chest of his mother since the chest is capable of heating up or cooling down. Through this, the baby’s temperature is regulated.

3. It will allow you to have a bath with the baby

Delaying first bath will give you time to gain strength to have a bath with your baby in a tub. This will make the baby feel comfortable and secure when you hold him in your hands.

4. It helps keep stress hormones low and normalize blood sugar level

When you allow your baby to be bathed immediately by medical staffs, the baby might cry a lot. This makes his cells to produce a lot of stress hormones. This leads to increased heartbeat, high blood pressure as well as lowering the baby’s blood sugar level.

5. Allows your baby to get more time with you

A baby likes to be close to her mom and more specifically to the breasts which are sources of food. Delayed bath will therefore ensure that your baby gets enough time to be with you, be suckled immediately to enhance a smooth transition to the new world as well making him feel secure and loved.

6. Use of gloves in hospitals in mandatory

Medical staffs are supposed to handle any new born baby while having gloves on. Therefore, even if you delay your baby’s bath, there will be no risk of being infected.

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