Workout for a Healthy, Strong Baby


There are several exercises that you can do with your baby to help them to get stronger.

Tummy Time


The first exercise is tummy time. This is because most of the time, the baby is going to be spending their time on their belly. Therefore, when you put the baby on its stomach, it is going to help them to build some of the muscles in their arms, shoulders, stomach, neck, and back. You can start this tummy time as soon as the baby comes home from the hospital as long as it is supervised. You can start off with three to five minutes at a time. Basically all that you have to do is lay the child down on their blanket on the floor. You can get down on your stomach so that they can see you while they are down there. Some of the things that you can do with your baby when they are having tummy time is smile, talk, make funny faces, sing, put toys in their gasp, and jiggle a set of keys. All of these things will help to engage the baby so that they will look around, crawl, and roll over.

Sit Ups


The second exercise is letting the baby do sit ups. Basically you will be putting the baby it is sitting position. This exercise is also going to help strengthen some of the muscles in the baby’s core, arms, shoulders, and back. The baby will be able to flex their abdominal muscles so that they will be able to build up their balance. When the baby is lying on their back, then you can grasp their forearms so that you can pull them towards you. These exercises can start after the baby is about six weeks old because they will be old enough to pull up on their forearms.


BicyclingThe third exercise that is going to help your baby to get stronger is bicycling. It is a great way to help relieve the gas that a baby has because it can push the air out of the baby’s system. But it can also help to work out the baby’s abs, legs, knees, and hips. It can increase the baby’s flexibility and their range of motion. The best way to do this is to put the baby on its back and help them to move their legs around like they are pedaling a bicycle. While you are doing the motions, then you can smile and sing so that they will understand that is fun to do these exercises. Move the legs around about five time, take a small break, and repeat the actions until the baby does not seem interested in it.

Weight Lifting


The last one of the exercises that can make the baby stronger is weight lifting. By allowing the baby to pick up objects to help build the baby’s ability to grasp things, improve the hand-eye coordination, and develop some of the muscles in the hands, arms, and shoulders. Most of the time, you can start these exercises when the baby is about 3 or 4 months using small toys and rattles as weights. You can sit the baby in the high chair with all of these toys in front of them. Encourage the baby to lift up one of the toys, check it out, put it down, and lift it up again. Once you have showed the baby how it works, they should be able to pick it up very quickly. This is going to work even better if the weights make sounds or even light up.

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